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The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning In The Winter

Simply put it is a time when your carpets can be easily damaged and it is better to prevent that as much as possible. Wintertime presents quite a few challenges to your home’s carpet such as excess moisture, dirt, and salt from the roads and sidewalks. In addition, you tend to track much more into your home during this season so it’s important that you keep ahead of this mess with frequent carpet cleanings. Winter is, in fact, the perfect time for carpet cleaning, especially when your friends at CT’s Best Carpet Cleaning are the premier experts at tackling winter messes! But if you’re not convinced we put together this guide to illustrate all of the benefits of getting your carpet cleaned in the winter!

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Carpet Cleaning Protects Your Home From The Winter Weather

While the harsher months of winter can create more hazards for any home, carpet cleaning protects your floors from the various elements and implications of colder seasons. Here are some considerations that you may or may not have thought of!

Excess Moisture

With the colder months upon us, it also means that the moisture in the air is much higher. Even if you don’t have any snowfall, moisture levels can rise and cause humidity to build up in your home. Humidity can then lead to mold growth. Getting regular cleanings from CT’s Best Carpet Cleaning ensures that:

  • Any growing spores within your carpet fibers are removed before they can spread. 
  • Moisture trapped under your carpet pads is extracted, preventing future mildew spots.
  • Stains and problem spots can’t set in with the moisture.

Protip: Since you are usually utilizing the heater within your home during the winter, it can reduce the drying time of carpet cleaning! 

You Spend More Time Inside

Since most people are looking to stay indoors for the majority of the winter you end up creating a cozy environment with all of the windows and doors closed. This actually reduces the circulation of clean air because pollen, dust, and other allergens have no way to cycle out of your home. They tend to then settle into your carpet fibers and get kicked up when you walk through your home. CT’s Best carpet cleanings can remove these allergens and create a better environment for your winter hibernation.

Holiday Traffic

When your family gets together for the winter holidays that means you suddenly have a ton of people walking through your home. Despite anyone’s best efforts, they bring dirt, mud, snow, and everything else outside into your home with them. Having a large number of guests can leave your carpets stained and waiting until the warmer months will allow those stains to set in, making them harder to wash out. Don’t let the mess from your holiday gatherings turn into a worse problem later! Instead, give us a call and CT’s Best will make sure that the holiday fun doesn’t leave a mark on your carpets. 

Winter Bugs

Winter is generally a time that people get sick more often. With the cold weather, our immunities are lowered and we are more susceptible to colds and fevers overall. However, cleaning your carpets often can help reduce the bacteria and viruses within your home.

Pets Shed Less

Well, once their winter coat has come in at least! If you have a couple of furry family members and they have finished shedding you have the perfect chance to get ahead of their next coat coming in. Pet hair can embed itself into carpet fibers and is difficult to remove without a professional touch like the one you get from CT’s Best.

Salt On The Roads

The roads are wet and icy during this time of year and many cities deal with this by spreading salt along them as well as the sidewalks. This salt gets absolutely everywhere including into your home. It can end up on your shoes and clothing and then inevitably on your carpet. Salt absolutely destroys carpet fibers. What’s worse is that they use a special kind of salt on the roads that have a high pH. This means that removing it takes more than just normal cleaning methods. The equipment and cleaning solution that’s used by CT’s Best Carpet Cleaning professionals can break up the salt and restore your carpet to pre-winter conditions!

Why Frequent Carpet Cleanings During Winter Is A Good Idea

Ideally, you should be getting them cleaned every few months or so. Because of the persistent presence of salt on the roads, there really is no reprieve from it ending up in your carpets. Salt is a hard crystal that has sharp edges. If left in your carpets it can cut and fray the fibers making them appear worn and dull over time. This ends up costing you more money overall but it can be entirely avoided if you have a visit from CT’s Best Carpet Cleaning regularly!

Key Takeaways:

Wintertime presents many environmental factors that can affect your home’s carpets. Things like:

  • Excess moisture promotes mildew or mold growth.
  • Lack of airflow allows allergens and bacteria to settle.
  • More people coming into your home and bringing the outside world with them.
  • The salt on the roads and sidewalks physically damages carpet fibers over time.

With these things in mind, it’s important to seek out the experts at CT’s Best Carpet Cleaning. We can keep your floors in amazing condition to ensure the health and comfort of your friends and family during the holidays!


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